YOSHIBO CORPORATION was founded as a private spinning mill in 1921. It was reorganized into a company limited in 1939 and since then, has been running mainly a business of yarn manufacturing and trading. Although being at the mercy of the mighty swell such as the industrial combination during the World War II and also the postwar dissolution of the zaibatsu, the company has been able to continue to operate its business up to today. This is all thanks to our ancestors who made sustained efforts and everyone who has continuously favored and supported us.

In 1955, the company started merchandise trade with China when Japan had no diplomatic relation with them. The company has been dealing with exports and imports of many items including its own materials/products and others. It has been half a century since then and the company has made industrial investments in 5 factories to ensure its activities’ multiple values.

The company invested the assets in real estate and trade business in 1994, and transformed as the specified trading company.

We have a saying in the company that “both the rich and the poor exist in your single mind and you should act up to the royal decree all the time”. This is the words that our founder always kept in his heart. We, as a professional trading group for more than half a century, will keep working on to contribute to new east-west trades and appreciate your continuous support in the years to come.

Keinosuke Yoshimura